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Inventory "Firehose"

All data available for every vehicle in selected dealers inventory. All your base are belong to us

New Vehicles Count by Model

Useful for building a menu or other element that will display quantity of each new model in stock.

Used Vehicle Count by Body Style

Useful for building a menu or other element that will display quantity of each used vehicles in stock.

10 Newest "New" Vehicles in Stock

Could be used for building a "New Arrivals" element listing the newest vehicles in stock

10 Oldest "Used" Vehicles in Stock

Could be used for building a "Used Cars Specials" element to move oldest inventory

Saved Queries

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Only one data type can be returned at a time. API results are cached for guests.

Booleans are either 1 or 0.

Data type expected or example values are provided for allowed API parameters below.

API Search + Settings

Parameter Value Description
~ vehicle_title=~Hybrid~ Wild Card Search: model=~Hybrid~
d string Data Types: vehicles(dependent on defining of condition/type), model or rooftop data is available
e boolean Exclude empty values
i integer Site ID: For blog switching $blog_id
k string Keys: Limit results to a comma separated list of search keys. At least one key should be set
m boolean Merge: Multiple conditions or data types
q distinct group group_model_trim Execute predefined SQL searches
r boolean Return an array of all available distances
pi integer Request post by ID
ps string Request post by slug
ws string Word search
condition type new used certified Condition: Multiples are separated by ,
make model vin string Any data column can be queried
offset integer Query starts outputting data at the supplied offset
radius_disable boolean Disables all radius features
show integer Limit records returned, per condition
zipcode integer Apply this zip code to search request

API Output

Parameter Value Description
c string Child Element: XML ex. <root><**CUSTOM-CHILD**>
f json jsonp csv xml Output formats
p string Parent: Top level root element. XML ex:
s boolean Save as file
t string Title of file or function name.
u boolean Returns a shortened URL to a pre-cached request
_z boolean Appends debugging data to JSON output

API Examples

New and Used Vehicle Counts


Group by model and trim


Group by model and trim,make,model,trim&q=group_model_trim&make=Honda&show=100

Inventory "Firehose"